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25 Aug

Mt Arvon Trip Report Posted

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Susan and I completed this one together on Tuesday August 18th, 2016. It was #49 of 50 leaving only Texas our home state.

Danger at the Mount Arvon highpoint.

Danger at the Mount Arvon highpoint.


Highpoint Statistics:
Summit Date: Tuesday August 18th, 2016
State: Michigan
Elevation: 1,979′
US Rank by Height: 38th
Round Trip Hiking Time: 15 Minutes

Highpoint Links:
Trip Report (Larger Photos Here)
Photo Gallery
GPS Track

To view a sortable table of all of the highpoints with completion dates, trip reports, photo galleries, blog entries an GPS tracks, visit the US State Highpoint Progress Page.

The Story
We had driven from Duluth that day, and arrived at the  L’Anse Township RV Campground well before sunset and after setting up, we decided to make the one hour drive to the highpoint together. The roads were narrow logging roads in poor condition, with many, bumps, lumps and bouncy fun, fun, fun. There were also a number of water crossings that made us glad to be in the Jeep. Of course the Jeep was glad to have the opportunity to reclaim its dignity after the sinkhole incedent on Timm’s Hill.  And since I had Susan along, I wasn’t likely to do anything stupid this time.

One of the water crossings along the way.

One of the water crossings along the way.


Another water crossing, no problem for the Jeep Rubicon.

Another water crossing, no problem for the Jeep.

Once at the dirt parking area, it was a short walk to the actual highpoint along a peaceful wooded trail.

It is a short walk from the parking area to the highpoint.

It is a short walk from the parking area to the highpoint.

The highpoint area was equipped with a picnic table and a BBQ pit, making me wish we had brought some hot dogs or something. We relaxed for a while, enjoying the peaceful and quiet setting before braving the logging roads again.

Danger and Susan at the highpoint area.

Danger and Susan at the highpoint area.


A Quick Exit
When we arrived back at the L’Anse Township RV Campground and were getting ready for bed, it began to rain exuberantly.  Since it was a grass campground and BigByrd weighs 32,000 lbs, we know from experience that bad things happen under those circumstances, so we vacated the premises in a hurry and headed towards Chicago.

And Then There was One
So now only Texas remains!  We are inviting you to join us on that trip planned on my October 29th, 50th birthday, and many of you have displayed interest. We are working on the planning, so stay tuned to the Danger Network for details.

24 Aug

Homeward Bound

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We are 2,900 miles into the trip, and are currently headed home with 500 to go. After leaving Chicago a few days back, we spent a couple of very unproductive days in St Peters Missouri at a beautiful lakeside spot where we whiled away the hours hiking, biking and playing XBOX video games. Hey, you are never too old to be a geek.

Great Lakes Return Trip

Day 14 sees BigByrd 500 miles from home

Chicago Adventures
Chicago was fun as always, and remains one of our favorite cities. We boondocked (this means running fully self contained) a few miles from downtown in a truck marshaling lot that gave us easy access to the heart of the city. As we were pulling in, we saw the cast and filming crew of the Amazon series “Patriot” filming for the show.

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19 Aug

Goodbye L’Anse Township

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So the L’Anse Township is back down to 3,800 and we find ourselves in another Walmart in Manitowoc Wisconsin.

Here’s why; the L’Anse RV Park was all grass you see, and as we were about to turn in for the evening, it began to rain in earnest. We know from experience that a 32,000 lb. bus on wet ground is bad juju. So we pulled up stakes and made an emergency exit, and once I got on the road, I felt like driving so I drove another 5 hours while Susan slept. We are now only 2 1/2 hours from Chicago where we plan to spend a day or two on our way back to Texas.

18 Aug

Standing on Mount Arvon Summit!

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State #49 is complete! We are standing on Mt Arvon’s peak. Getting here on the treacherous roads was quite an adventurous endeavor, that required a 4×4.

18 Aug

Headed to Mt Arvon

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For the next couple of nights, we’ll be calling the L’Anse Township, MI population 3,800 home, so now it’s 3,802. We are parked next to a scenic lake and the sun will be setting across it, unfortunately we won’t see it tonight as we are in the Jeep making the 2 hour round trip to Mt Arvon the Michigan highpoint.

It’s a easy one mile hike so no difficulty there. Our biggest challenge will be navigating the miles of surprisingly rough logging roads between here and there. I almost bought a Prius, glad I manned up and bought the Jeep instead…

13 Aug

Great Lakes Highpoint Trip Day 3

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We are 1’173 miles, 145 gallons of water, 2 Walmarts, and one audiobook into the trip. Tonight finds us in Iowa, camped in a completely empty RV park, next to Hawkeye Point.

Day 3, in the Great Lakes Trip.

Day 3, in the Great Lakes Trip.

Today had us driving through idealistic rolling farmland, with stolid granaries, presiding over neatly fields of cultivated fields stretching into the horizon. Finding ourselves in such remarkable scenery, is one of the great rewards of this highpointing journey. Being in places, so utterly American that you just want to lift your hands to God in praise for the purple spacious skies.

An Iowa sunset, across a field of ripe corn.

A very American sunset, across a field of ripe corn, taken from the highest point in Iowa.

Today was a very good day, I drove the 8 hours from Topeka where we stayed in our second Walmart of the trip to the Iowa highpoint. The Topeka Walmart was built on the site of a the Chief Drive Inn Theater, and as a nod to that bit of history, they left the Chief Drive In Theater neon sign intact. You can read more about that tidbit of history here.

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12 Aug

Great Lakes Highpoint Trip Underway!

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Times are hard for the Byrd family, last night we slept in a Walmart parking lot in Ennis Texas. OK, so its not as dire as it sounds, Walmart is a pretty swell place to stop with your RV on long trips. This morning I even brought Susan coffee in bed, which makes her feel loved, and more inclined to drive 😉

As you read this, Susan and I are in BigByrd making our way across America in pursuit of 4 more state highpoints located in the Great Lakes area. My coffee ploy having worked, Susan is at the wheel, and I’m at the desk.


The plan is to catch Hawkeye Point Iowa on our way north, and then continue to the  Great Lakes to complete Eagle Mountain Minnesota, Mount Arvon Michigan and Timm’s Hill Wisconsin. As always, you will be able to follow along real time here on The Danger Map 

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