And now the World!

And now the World!

This morning I awoke to the sound of the Caribbean Sea gently caressing this remote shore I find myself upon.

In Recent News
Since I completed the 50 by 50 goal to stand on the highest point in every state in America this past October its been quiet here on the Danger Blog. However, I haven’t been resting on my very manly laurels. While my days have been occupied with a major expansion of the Truewater Network Operations Center and martial arts (Krav Maga) compete for my evenings. If you haven’t seen me perform, I’ll be doing a magic show at the April Bandjam which is a free vent open to the public.


And if that wasn’t enough, my newfound fame as a roller disco king has added to my already demanding schedule.  

And Yet They Call
So life has been very full and rewarding, and I’m having fun.  Even so, I still feel the pull of the mountains. I miss the intense physical and mental challenge they represent. I miss that profound sense of accomplishment that comes when I stand proud atop a mountain, breathing in that rarified hard won air, gazing across valleys and taking in views reserved for the bold and the determined.

The climbing has been such an impactful part of my life, it has pushed me to my limits and given me a reason to train hard. At 50 I feel younger than ever, and I continue to grow stronger still. So what is a manly man in his prime to do?

And Now The World!
I have set a goal to climb to the highest point in every country in the world. With 250+ countries it’s a big goal, especially considering mountains like Everest and its peers, so I won’t be able to complete it a handful of years as was the case with the 50 US state highpoints. This will be a life goal, that will see me well into my twilight years and give me a reason the stay fit and strong. And in the spirit of the 50 by 50 goal, this goal will see me to interesting places and connect me with new friends around the world.

To that end, my old friend Rick Overholt and I will be making our way up Cerro de Punta today the first international highpoint for both of us.

Cerro de Punta is the tallest mountain in Puerto Rico. At 4,389′ it isn’t much of a physical challenge, but it’s a beautiful mountain with 360 degree views of the entire islands shoreline on clear days, and it is currently a clear day. Puerto Rico is also home to the only tropical rainforests in American territory. There are many dramatic waterfalls and lots of great hiking here that we are looking forward to exploring.

Interesting side note, I was not aware when Rick and I chose it, but Puerto Rico is about to vote on whether to apply for US statehood. Im not sure if the US would accept them, but it would be an interesting twist if my first international highpoint became the 51st state.

At the beginning of this new journey my heart is replete with joy and excitement at the adventure ahead and gratitude for those in my life who make these grand adventures possible.