Aerial Photography

Danger is an expert pilot, having flown airplanes, helicopters and drones for years. He also has an eye for photography and these two skills combines make him uniquely qualified to generate outstanding aerial photography and videography for your business.

Aerial Videography Examples

Aerial Photography Examples


Aerial Photography:

20 Aerial Photos = $200
50 Aerial Photos =$300

Aerial Videography:

1 Minute Aerial Video = $200
3 Minutes of Aerial Video = $300

Photo and Video Bundle
50 Aerial Photos and 3 Minutes of Aerial Video =$500

Sunset or Sunrise:

add $100 to any package

Memory Stick:
add $20

Photos will be 4000×3000 pixels
Video will be 1080P (can be up to 4K if requested)

My No Risk Guarantee:

You will see your photos and videos before we complete the transaction, and if you are not completely satisfied, you pay nothing.