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28 Sep

Missing Pie in St. Louis

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So we made it into East St. Louis Illinois last night and found a great spot behind the Casino Queen. St. Louis Missouri is just across the river and we can see the arch from the coach. We only have one more highpoint left this trip which is Missouri, and have some extra time, so well stay here another day or two and experience St. Louis as it is our first time here.

Missing Pie
As excited as I am about exploring St. Louis, I can’t stop thinking about pie. You see, the Amish cherry pie made quite an impression on me, but now it’s gone and I’m having a hard time coping.

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27 Sep

Leaving Ohio & Trip Report Posted

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After spending a single night in Ohio, we will be leaving today for Indiana where I’ll complete Hoosier Hill the highpoint of that state. It’s only 80 miles further west, so we’ll drop the coach along the interstate and take the Jeep north to the highpoint before continuing on to who knows were. I like this unscripted style of travel, but it’s stresses Susan out a bit.

Campbell Hill Ohio Trip Report
The Campbell Hill Trip Report is posted below in it’s entirety here.

26 Sep

At the Top of Ohio

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Samson and I are now standing on the highest point in Ohio; Campbell Hill at 1,549 feet. I’m a little concerned about altitude sickness so I’ll be descending soon.

While the Highpoint itself is not particularly inspiring the drive through picturesque farm land getting here was worth the trip.

This marks 4 state highpoints for this trip and is #37 of my goal of 50.

26 Sep

Harvest Time

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I decided to take a more circuitous route through the farmland.

It seems that soybean & corn are the prevalent crops, but there are others.

Many of the farms are currently harvesting and witnessing the monstrous combines tear wide swaths through the fields is an awesome sight.

26 Sep

Mt Davis Trip Report Posted

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The throaty exhaust burble of the big turbo diesel and the abrupt forward lurch told me that Susan had once again engaged the exhaust brake in an effort to hold back the 32,000 lb motor coach cum bobsled as we made our way through the Allegheny Mountains. It takes a concerted effort to manage this thing through up and down hills and Susan did a fantastic job allowing me to get some work done while we traveled.

Welcome to Ohio

We crossed into Ohio late yesterday, and it was a beautiful drive through the mountains and surrounding farm country. Today I’ll be completing the Ohio highpoint, Campbell Hill, while Susan does her hair, and I’ll probably be finished before she will.

Backbone Mountain Trip Report
You will find the complete Backbone Mountain report here. To view a sortable table of all of the highpoints with completion dates, trip reports, photo galleries, blog entries an GPS tracks, visit the US State Highpoint Progress Page.

21 Sep

Rest Day In Chattanooga

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We just passed the 1,100 mile mark on this trip and things are going well.  Susan hasn’t broken anything yet and has only caused me to make a single wrong turn.

9-21-15 Map

Buddy Can You Spare a …
We took a break from driving yesterday and spent the day in the historic town of Chattanooga. Chattanooga interestingly enough is the town that my good friend Rick Overholt who started me down the highpointing path, tried out life as a street bum when he ran away from home as a child.

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18 Sep

North Central 6 State Trip Under Way

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“I like to get me summa dat essential oil n’ rubit on my elbows real good.” – A Louisianan discussing essential oils with Susan.

Susan and I are off on another adventure in “BigByrd” our 41′ motor coach. Typically we plan every leg and make reservations ahead of time, but this time we decided to go totally unscripted. This will give us the freedom to be a bit more exploratory along the way. We need to be back in town by October 5th, so time permitting we intend to visit the highest points in 6 states; West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri. We will be driving through those states in that order, so if you know of anything cool along the way, reply to this message and let us know.


Welcome to Louisiana
We set out yesterday afternoon and spent the evening in The Frenchman’s Wilderness Campground in St. Martin Parrish Louisiana. While exploring the area we happened upon a tiny backwoods pub called the Levee Rat. The patrons applauded uproariously as we entered which we quite enjoyed. And as we were being seated, a local by the name of Leon approached and commented on how nice we smelled. While I was basking in the glow of all of the positive reinforcement, Susan explained to Leon that it was Citronella, an Essential Oil we were using to keep the mosquitoes away. Leon who was apparently intimately familiar with essential oils said; “I like to get me summa dat essential oil n’ rubit on my elbows real good.” Susan cut the conversation short and proceeded to be seated. I never got a good look at Leon’s elbows, but I’m sure they’re very impressive.

It did not dampen our spirits when we later learned they were not applauding for us, but for a particularly clever joke, at least by Louisiana’s standards of humor. I never heard the joke, thus cannot comment on its jocularity. I was however glad that I resisted the urge to take a bow. We also are pretty sure that Leon was insane.

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