Weather Has Air Taxis Grounded

Weather Has Air Taxis Grounded

Team fully assembled at 7:00AM this morning at the Fireweed Station Inn for breakfast, lost one climber due to illness, so we are 7 now as follows:

Blake Norrish
Alex Rosenthal
Stephen Wilson
Roland Yearwood
Robert Danger Byrd

Matthew Emht
Eric Salazar “Salz”

I am happily the least experienced climber on this trip. This is the second Denali attempt for two of the team and most have done at least some of the highest mountains on several of the continents.

Sponsor Swag
Handed out the bars from, the titanium pocket knives from, and the beards from last night, and everyone loved the swag. Thanks again to the sponsors for all of the support.

Gear Check
Completed exhaustive gear check by 11:30, and got all group gear distributed. It takes a lot of gear to climb this mountain. Haven’t weighed out yet, but I expect 130-150 lbs personal load. I’ll have 60% of that on the sled. Salz quipped that climbing Denali is like dragging a wet mattress up a steep hill. Well see if he is right.

Denali is already throwing fowl weather at us, which has shut down the air taxi service that will take us to the our starting point at the Kahiltna Glacier. So unless the mountain changes her mind, we won’t be on the her today.

So we are all geared up with no place to go, so we wait, which is a big part of climbing this mountain.