Jerimoth Hill, RI Highpoint #5 of 8 Complete

Jerimoth Hill, RI Highpoint #5 of 8 Complete

Jerimoth hill has long been considered one of the most difficult highpoints to complete as it is literally located in someone’s backyard. The land owner had a history of shooting at highpointers and holding others at gunpoint until the police arrived booking them for trespassing.

Jerimoth, RI House



When I arrived around 5:30PM I found a locked gate barring my path. I did what any guy with my medial sobriquet would do and climbed over it.

Jerimoth, RI Climbing Fence


After a short hike I found what I was looking for, which is a largish rock alone in the woods complete with Tibetan prayer flags.

Jerimoth, RI Summit Sitting


On the way back, I saw a trail that was not clearly visible from the road so climbing the fence was not necessary.

Jerimoth, RI Trailhead


That cantankerous owner has since passed away and the heirs have sold the land to the state, who has made it accessible anytime from 8AM TILL 6PM. And if you take the obscured trailhead off the road, you won’t even have to climb the fence.