Day One A Bust

It’s official, we are not flying in today.

Extreme and unpredictable weather is typical for this mountain which is why 7 of the 21 days are weather days where we expect to be cloistered in tents waiting it out storms.

Spent some time at the ranger station and learned that it has been extremely windy high on the mountain and has turned around most of the teams. So far only 20 out of 114 climbers have made the summit.

Met Willie Prittie today from Season 1 of the Ultimate Survival Alaska TV show, and he is just as colorful in person. Willie runs the Alaska operations for Alpine Ascents, has guided on many of the worlds highest mountains and is regarded as a one of mountaineerings preeminent experts.

We are going back to the Fireweed Inn and God willing we will be on the mountain tomorrow.