Day Five A Bust

Day Five A Bust

The planes are still sitting idle, and I didn’t see a moose today.

The predictions are that we won’t be able to get in until Tuesday or Wednesday. We are currently working out the logistics required to shift the expedition forward to give us the 3 weeks required on the mountain.  One week of that time is weather days to accommodate for the days when it is not possible to move. If we tried to climb without the extra days, we would have no margin for weather and would require perfect weather everyday, which rarely happens on this mountain.

Satellite Tracking Not Yet Active
I have gotten some questions about why the satellite tracking is not working. It is currently turned off and will be activated when we land on the glacier and actually start the expedition.

iPhone Based Tracking
However I cobbled together an iPhone based tracking system that shows the location of my iPhone over the last 24 hours as long as I have the corresponding application activated which I do currently. This is what geeks do when they have too much free time on their hands. You will find the iPhone Tracking Map here.