One Year Left

49 Years ago today, Brenda Joyce Byrd gave birth to a screaming 10 pound 11 ounce baby boy and named him Robert Lynn Byrd.

Danger sitting on the Hoosier Hill Rock

Danger sitting on the Hoosier Hill Rock

Robert grew up, (mostly) and a lot of other stuff happened that isn’t really important to this story or particularly interesting for that matter.

So in 2010 after Rick Crapshoot Overholt invited him to Climb Borah Peak the highest point in Idaho he was captivated. At age 45 he changed his name to Robert Danger Byrd and committed to walk, climb or crawl to the highest point in every state in America by age 50.

So 49 years and 40 states under his belt, the 50 by 50 goal  is within reach with 1 year and 10 states remaining.

OK, that’s enough third person, it’s starting to get a little weird.

Your Invitation to the 50 by 50 Celebration
I intend to complete the goal by standing on the summit Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, at sunrise on my 50th birthday. And, I would like you to join me.

Guadalupe Peak is a 8.4 mile round trip non technical hike with a 3,015′ elevation gain; so anyone who is reasonably fit can climb it.

The trailhead is located at Pine Springs Campground. We will bring our motor coach and establish base camp. Some folks would ascend with me and some would stay behind. After the summit, we would descend and celebrate.

So if you would be interested in participating in this celebration, let me know so we can start planning.