Jeff Brinkman Concert at the Tabor Opera House

Jeff Brinkman Concert at the Tabor Opera House

We took in a Jeff Brinkman concert at the Tabor House, and it was a very impressive display of musical talent. Jeff’s and his band, are very precise and work together to create a very rich musical expirerience. They also seemed to be having a really good time doing it, especially the drummer who was grinning maniacally  as he ruthlessly beat the drums into submission.

The show was further enhanced by the astoundingly good acoustics of the Tabor Opera house. For the last song they came down off the stage and played unplugged. We were sitting in the front, so they were only a few feet away. I really don’t have the words to do it justice, and I have never heard anything more magical.

The downside is I’m climbing a 14K mountain tomorrow, and I’ll get 5 hours sleep at best.