Headed to Boundary Peak Nevada State Highpoint #26

It’s been a whirlwind of a week with very little downtime and sorting out the gear last night only afforded me 3 hours of sleep. So after running the typical travelers gauntlet of delays, indifferent airline employees and ridiculous security measures, I find myself driving through a desert in a brand new but dusty black Ford Explorer on my way to Boundary Peak Nevada. At 13,140 foot it’s the biggest hill This state has to offer so I have to climb it.

The roads approaching Boundary Peak are little more than goat paths with several gulley and water crossings, so I asked for the vehicle with the most ground clearance and they gave me the Explorer which I like. It’s sofa like seats fit my manly 6′ frame perfectly. It rides like a dream (I might actually fall asleep) and has lots of cool tech. We’ll see how well it handles the nasty stuff before I give it the Danger seal of approval.

The aforementioned goat paths present another challenge in that they are not correctly plotted as far as I can tell and are harder than hens teeth to find. GPS won’t help me, as every mapping system I have studied shows them differently so I’m not sure which to trust. I have read a number of accounts of folks being lost, one for 24 hours. I spent some time on Google Earth visually following and backtracking along miles of meandering paths leading up to the mountain to find a way in. So if I got it right I’ll have enough of time to setup a proper camp at the base of the mountain tonight and get a good nights rest.

So if all goes according to plan, I’ll be striking out in the morning to climb State Highpoint #26. I’ll be moving fast and expect to be back down in time for dinner.

Then I’ll head to Vegas for a security trade show, were I’ll meet up with my good Freind Rick Overholt who is hiking up Angels Landing as I write this. Well do the trade show together and head back to Houston next Saturday.

Indecently, we won a project last month to build a server farm to handle the bookings for one of the major Vegas Hotel/Casinos. I don’t have permission to use thier name in our marketing, so I can’t tell you who it is. Not sure if this qualifies as marketing, but I’ll err on the side of caution. Did I just say that?