Guadalupe Peak Climb Starts Soon

Today is the day I begin climbing  Guadalupe Peak, the final climb in the 50 by 50 goal.

To walk climb or crawl to the highest point in every state in America by age 50.

As it turns out, Rick is the only one who will be joining me on this final peak, which seems appropriate since it was he who introduced me to climbing, when he invited me to climb Borah Peak, the Idaho state highpoint in 2010.

Danger and Rick standing on the 12,662' summit of Borah Peak

Danger and Rick standing on the 12,662′ summit of Borah Peak Idaho

The Plan
Susan and Kathy will stay behind in Carlsbad in BigByrd (our motor coach) while Rick and I make the climb. We will climb up today, Friday October 28th and camp about a mile from the summit around 8,100′. In the morning we will move out early with the goal of standing at the 8,751′ summit of the mountain at Sunrise on Saturday October 29th, my 50th Birthday.

We had a scare with the 53 year old bottle of port when we discovered the cork had disintegrated, but Susan strained and transferred it to another bottle. We sampled it and found it to be fine. So it will be going up with us after all along with some Cuban cigars.

The 53 year old port that will be carried to the summit.

The 53 year old port that will be carried to the summit.


As always, I’ll keep you posted on our progress via the Danger Beacon.