Danger Shares Denali Experience at the Seabrook Rotary Club

Danger Shares Denali Experience at the Seabrook Rotary Club

Around 4 years ago Susan and I met a delightfully friendly woman by the name of  Kay Schroeder while dining at an Asian restaurant with communal tables. Kay started following my adventure blog and recently invited me to speak at the Seabrook Rotary of which she is a member. Having been a former Rotarian myself, I have a high regard for the organization, so I agreed.

A Standing Ovation
So this morning, I shared my Denali Experience using a slide deck of photos, gear info & climbing routes. The Rotarians were very engaged, asked a great deal of thoughtful questions and made me feel welcome.

I was especially touched by the warm and gracious standing ovation 😉

Will Speak for Food
I made some new friends and really enjoyed telling my tale. So if you might be interested in me sharing my Denali experience with your group, just let me know.

Document Links
And for those of you who asked for the slide deck and gear list this morning, here are those links:
Danger’s Denali 2015 Gear List
Danger’s Denali 2015 PowerPoint Deck