Challenge #1, Dead Altenator

So we got as far as Huntsville and I noticed the voltage on the chassis batteries was dropping. After some troubleshooting I learned that the alternator is only putting out 3 volts.

There are a total of 6 batteries, 4 for the house and 2 for the chassis. There is a nifty emergency link feature that allows you to connect the chassis and house batteries via a relay (see the silver canister pictured with the yellow test lead jumper). I have used this feature many times when one or the other set of batteries needed some help and it works well.


Since the house batteries are charged via the inverter, and the upgraded Outlaw inverter has more than enough reserve to charge them all, I jumpered the relay to permantly link the batteries. It’s pulling  13.5 Amps through the relay to charge the chassis batteries, and the relay is getting warm but is holding and the chassis batteries are already much healthier.

I’ll check it it in a couple of hours, and if the relay holds, this should keep us on the road.