Day 1: Planes Are Not Flying

A white van, filled with our team and several hundreds of pounds of gear just pulled into a weather bound Talkeetna. We were scheduled to board a ski plane at 3:00PM today, but with the current weather conditions it’s not likely well be flying today.

This is known as the “Talkeetna Hang”. I got to know this quaint little climbing town quite well last year while I spent 6 days waiting for the weather to let up. So now we wait. In the meantime, I’m thinking about moonlighting as a Talkeetna tour guide.

On the upside the summit success rate just bumped to 49%.

On the way, we stopped for second breakfast in Wasilla and I saw a beautiful and very well trained Sheltie service dog. I talked with her owner who has a heart condition and learned that the dog carries his medication in a little pack. She knows when he is about to have an attack and brings him his medicine beforehand which I think is pretty amazing. She was sitting 20′ from her master, not moving and watching him closely the entire time.

Wasilla Service Sheltie


It it seemed like she took her job very seriously.