Hawkeye Point Trip Report

Yesterday morning, Sunday August 14th, 2016 Susan and I stood on Hawkeye Point, the Iowa state highpoint enjoying fresh gourmet coffee with warm blueberry muffins as we watched the sunrise over gently rolling farmland. Iowa makes 46 states, and the first of our Great Lakes 4 state trip.

When is the last time you had blueberry muffins on a highpoint? Well that's too log...

When’s the last time you had blueberry muffins on a highpoint? Well that’s too long…

Highpoint Statistics:

Summit Date: Sunday August 14th, 2016
State: Iowa
Elevation: 1,670′
US Rank by Height: 42nd
Round Trip Hiking Time: Drive Up

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The Story
We were here yesterday for the sunset, but there was someone hogging the highpoint, and since we were camped next to the highpoint in the completely empty Hawkeye Point Campground, we decided to come back for the sunrise. For a bit of more backstory and photos of our sunset visit to the highpoint area, take a look at this blog post.

The Hawkeye Point RV park, right next to the highpoint was completely empty.

The Hawkeye Point Campground, right next to the highpoint was completely empty.

Highest Muffins in Iowa!
It was a cool refreshing morning, and a wonderful time to enjoy a sunrise with Susan. I woke up well before sunrise and got my photography equipment squared away, walked 3 minutes to the highpoint and waited. While my loving wife dutifully prepared muffins and coffee. Once Susan arrived, we proceeded to enjoy coffee and muffins at the Iowa state highpoint and enjoy this moment in time together.

Susan and I enjoying a beautiful sunrise together.

Silos, Museums & Kettles Oh My!
This highpoint was once on private property, and there is an occupied farmhouse within a stones throw. But now the government owns the property, and there are all sorts of random things here. A grain silo, a display of various license plates from other states, a flagpole, signs pointing to other places with distances, some antique farm equipment and a Ma & Paw Kettle stand-in.

We could not resist...

We could not resist…

The walk through museum was the most unusual and interesting element of the curious menagerie.

The highpoint has a walk through museum

The highpoint walk through museum, was located in an old barn.


One of the informational placards in the museum

One of the informational placards in the museum, describing a corn sheller.


An exhibit in the museum

An exhibit in the museum, this is the sheller described above.


Silos and sunrises, a match made in heaven.

Silos and sunrises, a match made in heaven.

Having the coach so close to the highpoint made this one fun and easy, and Susan and I enjoyed the leisurely morning on the highpoint together and we had the highpoint all to ourselves this time. We spent quite a while just taking in the scenery, and talking.

"You're amazing!"... "Yes, I know."

“You’re amazing!”… “Yes, I know, thank you for noticing.”