Brasstown Bald Trip Report

This was my 5th highpoint and the most miserable so far. Stetson is impervious to foul weather, but my wife Susan is not and complained vigorously The weather was wet and the temperature in the low forties. And the wind was fierce, but the worst part was the lack of visibility. The thick, wet fog effectively hid what is reputed to be breathtakingly beautiful scenery. At 4,784 ft. Brasstown Bald ranks 25th and is a modest 1 hour hike with 400ft of elevation gain. The trail was exceptionally well maintained, and paved all the way up. The Mountaintop visitor information center is replete with observation decks, gift shop and even a movie theater. It was of course closed in keeping with the rest of this hike. We were able to climb to the lower observation deck, but alas, there was nothing to observe. Unsurprisingly we were the only ones on the mountain that day.